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Because we outposted whogotin!

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For grad students in English or related programs
This is a community of friends and future colleagues who are applying or have applied to English graduate school programs (and affiliated programs!). We are a supportive environment to both commiserate and celebrate with. Please join us!

This community was created because we out-posted our thread in who_got_in, and a way to keep our bunch of "English obsessed" applicants connected through the applying process, and we hope graduate school and beyond. Want to know who's headed to MLA this year? Make a post! Want to share your housing woes? Post! Need some reading recommendations? Ask away! Want to share your classes for the semester? Tell us about them! I hope this will be a place that our friends can share their experiences and receive advice, congratulations, or just some e-hugs.

Please note, that in order to post directly onto the community page, this will require membership. However, all anonymous posters may post comments to individual threads.

While this community is open to all levels of English grad students and future hopefuls, there are many useful livejournal communities available to assist you with your general application questions. Some other communities you may wish to join:
applyingtograd: A community for those with general questions about the application process. Many of our members also watch this community and frequently contribute advice there.
litgre: A community for those with questions related to the Lit GRE.
who_got_in: A community to obsess over once notifications start rolling in.